WordPress Blocks with ReactJS

The worlds of full stack JavaScript and WordPress are colliding. And it is creating some interesting possibilities.

As long as you have a modern theme and are using the Gutenberg editor, you can drop in whole webpage sections in content blocks, and they’re much more user friendly than any other way of editing a WordPress site.

I made a short video about it.

If your website needs a facelift, what we can do now is go through a short design process, have Benik come up with some great looking content sections, and then I can turn them into these blocks, which we can simply package up into a plugin and drop into your site anywhere.

These blocks are very user friendly. It’s the best of both worlds between a content system and really empowering developers to do what we do best.

Let's get started

Just let us know the basics and we'll send you a Slack invite to discuss with the whole team.

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