Tailwind CSS for WordPress

Styling any site can be a bother. It’s probably the most time consuming part of building any site from scratch.

One of the more recent innovations in tooling for getting this part of a project done faster is called TailwindCSS. It’s a utility first library for custom styling. And it works very well. I love using it. And I’m setting record times getting through projects with it.

Now when getting it into WordPress, there’s a few ways to do it, and I expected there to be a plugin on Github for it, but alas, I did not.

Instead what I found where theme boilerplates using weird build tools.

Personally, I think putting it into a theme is the wrong way to go. I opted to make a plugin, and I open sourced it.

If you want to try using Tailwind to modify your site with your existing theme, here’s the repository if you want to see how it’s built, or if you just want the plugin, download it here.

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