Simple Hours

If this is your first time working with us, and you want to get a sense of what can be accomplished with unthrottled access to agency-grade software engineers and designers, try buying a small block of hours, we recommend 3-4.



To select a different block of hours, go here.

Micro Project

2-3 hours per day (1-day trial)

  • Great for small-scale technical projects.
  • Daily check-ins and timeline estimates
  • 1-day trial to let you vet your professional


Flexible Project

8-10 hours per week (7-day trial)

  • Great for ongoing technical and design projects
  • Great for shaping requirements on complex projects
  • Ample time for relaxed review and discussion


Priority Project

20-24 hours per week (7-day trial)

  • Equivalent to hiring us part time
  • Great for large well defined projects
  • Complex technical and design projects
  • Leaves a couple off days for discussion


Dedicated Project

40-48 hours per week (7-day trial)

  • Our flagship level
  • Equivalent to hiring us full time
  • Great for everything
  • Available on weekends


Passive Maintenance

Less than 4 hours per month

  • Premium hosting
  • Feature consulting
  • Minor content and technical updates


Active Maintenance

8-10 hours per month

  • Routine marketing and advertising
  • Software debugging
  • Content creation and updates


How it works

First of all, most subscriptions start with a 7-day free trial to estimate timelines, sign NDAs, and do any necessary vetting to make sure we’re a good fit to solve your challenges.

Our project work falls into three focus levels which correspond to 1-day a week, part-time, and full-time hourly commitments.

You’re encouraged to adjust your subscription level as needed throughout the course of a project. We also have maintenance levels available after project completion to address bugs, updates, and content adjustments.

At the project subscription levels, any hours that we do not use will be refunded automatically.

For Projects

Projects allow for interchangeable access to all of our professionals. We can provide support for:

  • Full Stack Software Engineering
  • Professional Design
  • Marketing and Copywriting
  • Analytics and advertising

Freely upgrade or downgrade between levels at any time as the demands of your project change.

Typical discussion and review time isn’t tracked and doesn’t count toward your hours.

The Plan

Once you subscribe, you’ll get a call from us in less than 24 hours. We’ll invite you to our Slack workspace and discuss your project: goals, necessary resources, and timelines.

We’ve designed our service to allow you to scale up or down as needed.

From your account section, you can control everything about your subscription. You can scale up, scale down, or cancel.

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