Stone Mosaics

Scope of Work

Stone Mosaics has been in business for over ten years and their website has been active for nearly as long. In that time they have garnered a high level of search engine visibility with relevant queries. The main goals that they set out for Fueled on Bacon to accomplish were as follows:

  • A modern redesign of their website.
  • Preserving their established SEO and URL sitemap.
  • Present all of the products that they offer to their vendors in a highly organized and categorized system of “showroom” style galleries.

Project Results

Stone Mosaics was very excited with the final product at launch. We built them a clean, solid site that has, since its completion, experienced a substantial amount of traffic (around 2,500 visitors per month). It is meant to be easily navigable where current vendors and the uninitiated alike can locate what they are looking for. Not only is the site structurally sound, it is also visually appealing with the addition of tasteful usage of animations and rollover states.



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