Scope of Work

Our relationship with the ShadowBid team is a special one as we had the privilege of being involved at an early stage with this unique startup. The idea is simple: what if you could see the history of pricing on Amazon while you were browsing? Additionally, what if you could place a bid to purchase any item at a lower historical price automatically? The ShadowBid Chrome extension we built in conjunction with their in-house team answers both of those questions with a resounding YES! A separate page with a form for investor inquiry was also needed.


Everybody wants to save money, and what’s more satisfying than securing the best deal for your dollar? ShadowBid helps users find this financial enlightenment by comparing product’s current price against historical pricing on Amazon. Once you place a bid the extension will track the product until it drops to your desired price and then it will “execute” your bid to purchase automatically. It’s a simple convenience that will save you loads of time and headache. We tested it out after the build and used the app to buy inflatable couches for our offices at an all-time low price. Just imagine what it could do for you!

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