SF Motors

Scope of Work

SF Motors is an international electric vehicle manufacturer. At the time, they were in need of having a website built for their product reveal and brand launch. This international launch was scheduled to be go live in both China and the US. Specifically, SF Motors needed help managing a livestream broadcast on their site while also hosting a countdown teaser of the product reveal. In addition, they needed a CMS (content management system) that could support chinese language. Most importantly they wanted advanced animations to showcase their product online.


In order to facilitate this, we spent two months with SF Motors in San Jose, California making sure their brand and product launched without issue. During this process, we partnered with a creative agency called Shapes+Forms to create the design and aesthetic for SF Motors’ website and online video. We were tasked with managing the livestream of the product reveal online, and of the countdown teaser page on the website. We created in depth animations for SF Motors on a custom CMS platform. SFMotors had a succesful launch with a large number of press outlets picking up the car reveal. After the launch, we worked with SF Motors to manage the web maintenance for their website. This included a conversion of their website to WordPress, continued maintenance and security, development of new pages and content, and in-depth SEO.

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