Phoenix Comp.

Scope of Work

Phoenix Components is a manufacturers’ representative, serving all manufacturing segments in the Florida marketplace. They were looking to have a more modern and updated website that represented what they do more clearly and professionally.

In addition to the website build, we were tasked with building a new logo for them and implementing a new brand design on the website.


Once this site got through design, our engineer, Ryan Cwynar, chose to use a modern static generator package called Gridsome to convert into a working site.

Gridsome makes use of the Vue.js framework and it has some nice optimization features. Lazy loading by default, highly optimized pre-rendered HTML.

Client editable content is fed in from Storyblok on a daily basis. Gridsome allows developers to bring in data using a GraphQL based API they’ve created that lets you map queried content directly into individual Vue components.

The componentization allows us to create building blocks based on guidance from our designer, making new pages quickly composable and editable later on, if the need arises.

For deployment, Ryan chose to static deploy on Github Pages. For this project it was a great choice. It’s simple and co-located with the source code.

After it’s deployed, the site is cached and distributed across a content delivery network using Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a great way to take care of DNS concerns and basic caching for a large percentage of projects.

Of course, there are larger projects where these types of lightweight solutions wouldn’t fit the bill and we would use a larger deployment setup based on something like AWS or Google Cloud Platform, but for this project, it fits the bill nicely.


With smaller “business card” style websites like this, we like to emphasize speed, so we used the Gridsome framework that relies on Vue.js and provides a number of modern performance enhancements.

At the end of the project, Phoenix Components had a refreshed web presence and a new logo and style guide to reference to. We are happy to be able to provide this kind of turn-key assistance to our clients when they need it most.


This was a shorter project. It only required about 20 hours of design time, and 10-15 hours of development.

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