Indigo Unveiled

Scope of Work

Indigo Unveiled is an online jewelry company. Their inspiration comes from rich historic cultures that are embedded in esoteric traditions. With this they mix sacred wisdom, symbolism, and precious gems. Indigo Unveiled reached out to us to create a custom website for them in order to drive more sales. They wanted to seamlessly showcase their collections and pieces while also conveying the vision and intention of each piece.


In order to meet the goals and needs of Indigo Unveiled, we built a custom website and online shopping platform on Shopify for them. The purpose of using Shopify was so Indigo Unveiled could focus a majority of their efforts and goals on sales and generating demand for their goods. In addition to the work we did for their website, we also managed their photography, set structure to each of the pages on their website. As a result of the increase in traffic to the new website, Indigo Unveiled has increased the size of their collection, and is making more sales.

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