Fiction Pictures

Scope of Work

Fiction Pictures expressed interest in wanting to overhaul their online presence. Through a few initial conversations, a more concise vision was established: create an immersive, simple to navigate website that would showcase their extensive body of work. This would include individual pages for each director on their team, past clients/brands and every past project with an embedded video player to boot. All of that was in addition to the required core pages, as well as considerations for responsive design and user experience.


After much effort, we successfully delivered the immersive media experience Fiction Pictures wanted. Each portfolio item showcases their amazing talent while offering an entertainment-like user experience. Additionally, they now have the ability to add new content with ease, keeping their online portfolio fresh and up to date. has a seamless design and layout to compliment their clear passion for what they do and impressive body of work.

Let's get started

Just let us know the basics and we'll send you a Slack invite to discuss with the whole team.

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