Scope of Work

Endourage came to us as a unique and highly advanced CBD brand. They offered a high value product to those that were looking for support. In order to facilitate this and the growth that came with launching their brand, they partnered with us to build their website and brand.

We were tasked with rebranding Endourage, building an eCommerce site, and optimizing their website with precision SEO to be found online. In addition to this we managed their social media accounts, and have ran advertising tests for their brand.


Our designer, Benik, put a lot of energy into getting the look and feel of the Endourage brand just right. A lot went into it. He developed the logo, did the product photography and built the mock-ups for the website.

Font selection is upscale and clinical. The color selection is meant to feel fresh and natural.


We chose WooCommerce as the e-commerce platform.

Using a healthy amount of Sass styling, Advanced Custom Fields, and custom theme development, Ryan and Ben translated the mock-ups into a full functional store.

We deployed to WP Engine for reliability.

One of the more interesting aspects of Endourage is the custom affiliate system, which we’ve spent time developing and honing.


Matos optimized their website with a strategic SEO plan and continuously updates their blog in to maximize our keywording strategy. In addition, we have test multiple advertising strategies that make sense for CBD brands in the US. We are excited to see how Endourage grows into being one of the most respected CBD companies available.

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