Bonneville Labs

Scope of Work

Bonneville Labs is a biotechnology and life sciences coworking laboratory space located in Berkeley, California. We were tasked with managing multiple email campaigns for them, building multiple landing pages to drive traffic to via social media and Google ads, in addition to strategizing a plan with their team to support future locations and marketing efforts.


Our designer Benik took everything Bonneville had to say into consideration and developed a look and feel for their landing pages that gave off of the feeling of a high level of production value.


We used Gridsome, a Vue.js framework, to build out landing pages for Bonneville based on the design work that Benik did.

Once we had had the look and feel in place, it didn’t take long for us to turn it into functional landing pages complete with tracking technology.

These landing pages are blazing fast, and the Vue.js templates make them easily modified for future campaigns.


Lead flow was fully integrated with Salesforce and HubSpot, and we ran test ads to hone the messaging used to reach their their target customers.


This was an excellent example of a project can be completed at the Standard level in just the space of a few weeks.

You can build something like this or even copy this project.

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