Scope of Work

Boastable was the brain child of the Fueled on Bacon team.

When conceptualizing Boastable, we noticed the need from our clients for a product that would help with their online reputation. We also wanted to build a product we would use ourselves and share with our clients. After evaluating other products, we felt that they did not fit the needs of what we were seeking to accomplish.


Using guidance from our social media audience, we were able to come up with our brand logo, color scheme, and imagery. As a team, we were unsure of what to call this business, and how it should be represented. The best answer, is to ask your customers.


We knew that being a new company, in a pretty saturated market, we had to stand out in some way. We knew that we had an industry leading photographer and videographer on our team, and we soon found out that we had a great actor on our team as well.

And in just a weeks time, the Boastable promo video was launched!

Software Engineering

We made modern architecture choices for Boastable.

The frontend application was developed in Vue.js. We saved time by leveraging the Vuetify component framework so we could focus on higher level details of the application.

The server was written in Node.js using the Express framework. And it was deployed with a complete Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipeline into a Kubernetes cluster.

Since launch, we’ve made some architectural adjustments like deploying the API on Google’s Cloud Run service, and deploying the front end interface statically from GitHub pages. Present day Boastable follows a JAMStack architecture.

We’ve also extended the API with a GraphQL interface. We’ve found that utilizing GraphQL saves time that otherwise would go into naming routes and allows us to focus on the API without having to be as concerned with how it’s going to be consumed. With GraphQL, the client is able to pick and choose they data they want to be returned from the server in fine detail.


Our journey with Boastable proved a lot to our team. From start to finish we built a feedback and review software tool with a unique brand, a full functioning marketing website, a professional grade promotional video, and had a successful product launch in just six weeks. Since then, we have been building new features to the product, while creating and managing Boastable’s advertising campaigns.


The entire Boastable business was concepted, designed, and built in two months starting in July of 2018. It was a full time effort from the Bacon team.

If you have an application idea you want to implement, you can use this as a template for gauging the amount of time and investment that would go into constructing your application.

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