Scope of Work

A-Lodge was interested in expanding their online and overall marketing presence as they were planning on growing their business. While they were managing and growing their lodging business, they were getting ready to launch a new venture: A-Lodge Adventure Vans. We worked with A-Lodge to build a beautiful website and to help them advertise smarter to get their Adventure Vans booked.


Our designer, Nick Benik, thought about this brand and the identity they were trying to convey. He put together his thoughts on the matter here.


As our engineers, Ben Saint Denis and Ryan Cwynar frequently choose, the foundation of the A-Lodge website is WordPress deployed on WPEngine. What was a little different is the accommodations we made for multiple booking engines.

We did some research to find out what the best options were in the hospitality space were for booking engines, and we settled on recommending that A-Lodge go with Cloudbeds. They provided the most comprehensive solution for bookings that we found, and they had full-fledged API we could use to expand the functionality of the A-Lodge site later on, should the need arise.

We integrated the booking engine into the site pretty seamlessly, as you can see when you visit the booking page on any of the A-Lodge websites.

Since the original build, A-Lodge has expanded to multiple locations, and likewise we have expanded the website. Now there’s a site for A-Lodge Boulder, A-Lodge Lyons, and A-Lodge Adventure Vans.


We successfully delivered a unique and special booking website for A-Lodge for both their rooms and their Adventure Vans. Each page is carefully crafted with SEO in mind so that anyone in the Boulder area and Colorado as a whole can find A-Lodge as a trusted source for them and their loved ones and families. Additionally, they have the ability to add and test content and copy for themselves as their demands change and grow. A-Lodge.com was a labor of love, and we are excited to see them and their brand grow.

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