Node is dead. Long live Deno.

In the world of scripting languages, there is a friendly little dinosaur on the horizon who may be signaling some import details about the next generation of how we build distributed systems.

It’s called Deno, it’s created by Ryan Dahl, the creator of Node and it makes several big changes to writing servers in JavaScript.

First things first

It’s still just JavaScript. It runs both TypesScript and ES7. So nothing too different there, except the baseline syntax is more modern and it runs that way out of the box without a tsconfig file.


One of the interesting things about Deno is that there are no NPM modules required. It gets everything done through URL imports from anywhere on the web. When it downloads a library from the web, it caches it the first time it interacts with it and then never makes an external call again, unless the “–reload” flag is used.

The idea of not having to manage a package.json file again is pretty wonderful.

Not only can you import a script from any URL, but you can also run a script at a URL without having to copy locally first, which really simplifies deployment.


They keep saying Deno is “secure by default” which means that a script has to be given explicit permissions to access the internet, the filesystem, or anything else for that matter.

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