Micro Marketing and Why Small Businesses Should Be Doing It

What is Micro Marketing?

Marketing is a huge task. With the Pay To Play mentality of a lot of social sites, companies are being encouraged to spend more marketing dollars. However, a lot of small businesses don’t have the budget to make waves in the pool of digital advertising and outreach. Nearly half of all consumers are using social sites to discover new brands. They are either searching for them directly through social media, or the brand is advertising to their target audience or location. Micro Marketing is a potential solution for businesses without those extra funds. It may allow them to run campaigns on social sites like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Micro Marketing is the process of running small scale campaigns for only a few days at a time. One example might be an awareness campaign on Facebook for $5 or $6 for only 3-4 days. This gives you a daily spend of somewhere between $1-$2 a day. In the past, Fueled on Bacon has run similar campaigns and reached anywhere between 600-1,000 people.

Why You Should Be Micro Marketing Now

Micro Marketing is something that any small business can manage without help, and without breaking the bank. $5 a week comes out to $560 a year, and that is an expense that almost any business can undertake. Local businesses should focus on Micro Marketing because it is a gateway to potential customers who might not have found you otherwise. If you’re offering a special, or have a sale going on, put it up on social media and put $5 behind it in the form of a boosted post. Depending on the cost of what you are offering, even just one sale could cover that expense and then some.

How to Run Micro Marketing Campaigns

The best strategy to undertake when running a micro marketing campaign is to align them with specials, sales, and in-store offers. This gives incentive to the potential buyer who sees your ad, and gives them something to engage with online. Even if they don’t want to make a purchase, they might be inclined to share it with their friends and family, which further spreads your reach. All of those actions give the social sites something to learn about your advertising. It tells sites like Facebook that your ad is engaging and people want to see it. This could potentially lead to your ad getting boosted and put in front of even more people, or put in front of the same people more often, increasing the likelihood of click through.

Where Micro Marketing Campaigns Should Be Run

All marketing endeavors and strategies need to be planned and thoroughly researched before being put into action. This ensures you aren’t wasting money. With that being said, micro marketing campaigns should not be used on all platforms. In regards to the strategy previously outlined, this works best on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. They give you much more control in allocating your money, without spending it too quickly.

It is important to be aware that micro marketing can mean different things depending on where the campaign is placed. For example, a normal Google Ads campaign could be somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000 a month. A micro marketing campaign on Google Ads could be $500 – $1,000. Take this into consideration when thinking about where you want your ads placed.

Wrapping Up

Micro Marketing is advertising on specific social media platforms with a low budget and a short duration. These campaigns are great for research phases, finding the right audience, and testing content. Moreover, this strategy is perfect for small businesses who feel like they don’t have the budget to advertise. Micro Marketing campaigns should only be run on specific platforms. These campaigns need to monitored to ensure the budget isn’t being eaten away too quickly.

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