Fiction Pictures

- a case study -


Defining the Scope

When we first met Fiction Pictures (a full service commercial video production team based in LA), they wanted to overhaul their online presence. Through a few initial conversations, a more concise vision was established: create an immersive yet simple to navigate website that would showcase their extensive body of work. This would include individual pages for each director on their team, past clients/brands and every past project with an embedded video player to boot. All of that was, of course, in addition to the required core pages, as well as considerations for responsive, UX oriented design and layout.

Full Width Portfolio Reel
About the Team Section
Video Portfolio Grid
Map with Custom Placemark
Responsive Client Grid with Clickable Links

Creating a Living Portfolio

In order to accomplish everything laid out before us, the WordPress platform provided the opportunity to develop a website that Fiction Pictures would be able to access and update independently long after the project had concluded. Project organization and developing a clear content plan quickly became the name of the game as the scale had grown to over 80 individual pages with associated media embeds. In addition, we took great consideration when determining how to best leverage the content depth for search engine optimization and page authority. Our solution was to properly research market competitors as well as discovering relevant, yet under-utilized keyword combinations to maximize organic reach.

Dedicated Hours
Page Total
Cups of Coffee

The Result

After much effort and a lot of late evenings at the office, we were able to deliver the immersive media experience Fiction Pictures wanted, where everything linked contiguously and nothing is without purpose. Additionally, they now have the ability to add new portfolio content with ease as it is created, keeping their online footprint fresh and up to date. has a seamless design and layout to complement their clear passion for what they do and impressive body of work.


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