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Fueled on Bacon vs. WP-Tangerine

Our team at Fueled on Bacon believe it’s a healthy exercise to analyze what we offer as compared to our competitors; transparently and publicly. Both Fueled on Bacon and WP-Tangerine have various tiered service levels, but in this article we will compare the “Basic Plan” for both and that should reflect and clear up the differences between the two.

Basic Plans Comparison

What we discovered…

Even though the monthly cost is nearly identical, the Basic Plan with WP-Tangerine doesn’t hold a candle to the Basic Plan tier of service we offer here at Fueled on Bacon!

This obviously made us feel a lot of warm and fuzzy’s, but let’s push ahead and get right to the core of what both plans offer. WP Tangerine prefers to limit their availability to “up to 1 hour per business day“. But we all know your needs don’t always fit inside a 1 hour a day box. At Fueled on Bacon, we do still limit the our maximum commitment responsibly, but weekly or even monthly if preferred! So for example, the Basic Plan at Fueled on Bacon is limited to up to 5 hours weekly (or if preferred, 20 hours monthly), Monday through Friday. We recognize that this isn’t a totally fair comparison, in the same way that a competitor of this size can’t offer the level of “white-glove-service” that Fueled on Bacon can, we couldn’t handle the capacity requirements for 500 new clients this month. Let me ask you though, what’s more important for your company?

Now let’s have a look at the finer details of both plans so we can really see which stands above the other…

Fueled on Bacon
(Basic Plan)
WP Tangerine
(Basic Plan)
Dedicated TeamOur team is small, so you will be working directly with the owners and our small, All-American teamDedicated associates to handle your account, potentially outsourced experts from all over the world
Task SubmissionYou get your own Slack messenger channel with our team. Communicate in real-time without lost emails or some new system to learnTask submission through WP-Tangerine web application. Communication via ticketing system
Graphics and Design TasksUnlimited*Unlimited
SEO ServicesUnlimitedAdditional Cost ($997/mo)
Digital MarketingUnlimitedNope
New FeaturesUnlimited*Unlimited
Emergency CareUnlimited*Unlimited
Team PortfolioOur portfolio speaks for itself, boutique results with a smaller dedicated team of proven experts!“Mixed” solutions for a large customer base
Website Builds and RedesignsUnlimitedOnly available for more expensive service tiers!
Hosting ServicesOptional, No additional cost, includes hosting support servicesNope
1-on-1 Phone Calls and Real-Time Chat CollaborationUnlimitedOnly available for more expensive service tiers!
Need More Time this Week or MonthSimple Add-On hours, no commitments!Only available for more expensive service tiers!
*Unlimited – This WP-Tangerine service is limited by the skills and abilities of the assigned resource to your “project”. We at Fueled on Bacon are a lot smaller team, with a proven track record so we are able to confidently speak regarding our expertise more effectively and otherwise accomplish tasks that may elude the potentially less experienced, outsourced labor of a competitor like WP-Tangerine. This isn’t to say that there aren’t great resources at these other firms, just that the QA for their output is not as assured because they are a much larger organization with many, many clients and vendors to manage.

Obviously, our perspective on this comparison may seem biased or one-sided…

But we also offer a 7-day Free trial to back it up.

Seriously, no BS, after 7-days if you don’t wish to continue to work together, that will be it. No hoops to jump through to cancel, no hard feelings! We are that confident in the level of excellence that we provide to our clients everyday. Find out for yourself while we still have availability in our schedule for a few new clients.

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