Suntree Animal Clinic

- a case study -


Defining the Scope

The doctors at Suntree Animal Clinic came to us looking to update their web-site to a caliber befitting their client base. They wanted a site that would both inform and impress. Showcasing the quality of their facilities and dedication of the staff was one of their top priorities. They wanted a site that could give current customers a sense of pride and peace of mind in their choice of animal clinic. And the site would also be able to attract new customers with information about the facility presented in a clear and concise way.

Suntree Animal Clinic - Old Website
Full Width Hero Slider with Navigation and CTA
Responsive and Mobile Ready
About Section with Timeline Format
Contact Section with Trusted Brands

Responsive on Delivery

In order to find inspiration and direction for the website design, we immediately took photos of any and every point of interest to be found in their facility. One of Suntree Animal Clinic’s selling points is the unique skills and procedures their doctors are able to perform. Not every vet can provide dentistry or ultrasounds. Wanting to showcase these, we put the ‘services’ section front and center, followed immediately by a photographic tour of the clinic. The site is built with a Bootstrap CSS framework which enabled a clean and uncluttered design while being completely responsive for all screen sizes. And to finish it off, the contact section has a custom, interactive Google map embedded to make locating the facility a snap.

Dedicated Hours
Lines of Code
Cups of Coffee

The Result

We met our goals by building a clean, visually appealing site that is both informative and easy to navigate. It has a single-page format where every section is linked to the navigation menu. The combination of the ‘services’ section and the photographic tour will give any potential client a detailed overview of why they should bring their pet to Suntree Animal Clinic. And, the ‘contact’ section provides them with all the pertinent information they need to make an appointment and find the facility.


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